Back from Germany

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Cool Stuff Related to Games or Silliness
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We just returned from vacation; spent 10 days in Deutschland, mostly Munich and Frankfurt. We also hit the Rhine Valley and Heidelberg while we were at it.

The family on the Romantic Bridge over the Nekar River in Heidelberg.

From a wargaming perspective, there were a few highlights on the trip. One was while we were in Munich. We toured the Deutsch Museum and got to see some really cool things.

Me262 with interior visible and motor covers removed.

Yes, it IS a Me163 Komet. I had no idea that any survived the war!

The two jets are in perfect condition and lovingly cared for. The museum also has V1 and V2 missiles.

V1 missile.

Looking down the stairway from the top of the museum to the base of the V2 rocket.

I must say I was quite surprised at the next two exhibits.

German Rheintocher, the first(?) surface-to-air missile c.1942.

German helicopter from 1942

The museum also had a Ju-52 on display. You were able to walk into the cargo area, see the cockpit and view some of the tools used to build and maintain the aircraft.

A full-sized Ju-52.

Ju-52 cockpit (behind glass unfortunately).

Inside the Ju-52 cargo area (not in original condition, but gives a feel for how cramped it is).

One other item on display really caught my eye: a Roland two-seater with the original fabric still on the frame!

The lozenge pattern is in excellent shape for being original fabric from WW1.

All in all, we spent the better part of an afternoon at the Deutsch Museum and really enjoyed ourselves.

  1. Chad says:

    Awesome photos! Sounds like a great vacation…see you guys next week hopefully!

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