Early Lightbox Experiments

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Cool Stuff Related to Games or Silliness, Miniature Games
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As some of you may remember, I got a fancy new Canon Powershot with digital macro zoom for Christmas. It immediately improved the quality of my game photos. I also got the Cowboy Studios portable lightbox set up, which until today sat in the original packaging. After fumbling through some very poorly translated Chinese instructions, I got the light tent and lights positioned and started shooting. I am pleased by these early results, but know that I will improve even more with practice.

Here is a photo of a GW Empire Halberdier that I painted this week.

No more glare!

I had some 15mm digicam US army figures that I painted awhile back and I always felt that my photography did not do them any justice. Here is one of the original photos:

Original photo

New photo

New photo 2

All in all, I think I am on the right track and will continue to experiment this weekend. If any of you have any suggestions or quick tips, post them here so we can all benefit!


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