Playtesting and Painting and Writing…Oh My!

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Where to start? These past two weeks have been crazy from a gaming perspective. First of all, our playtesting from last time resulted in…more playtesting. The scenario we played seemed imbalanced and raised a few questions about how troops in buildings are going to be handled in the new Ambush Alley rules. We ended up playing the scenario again several times and came to the conclusion that it was more balanced than we at first believed, but that a few things needed to be adjusted in the new edition.

Then came the painting. I decided to take a break from Iraq and Afghanistan and returned to the future. I had some Khurasan 15mm aliens sitting around for about a year and finally decided to paint them for Tomorrow’s War, our upcoming Ambush Alley Games sci-fi rules. Here are the first batch.

"When painting, no one can hear you scream..."

The figures were primered gray, basecoated with blue metallic from Reaper Master Series, drybrushed with Armor Steel (Reaper), then washed with a 50/50 mix of Citadel Devlin Mud/Green Ink. I have about 30 finished and 20 more ready to paint.

Of course, that immediately raised the issue of who was going to fight them, so I grabbed some of my 15mm GZG FSE Colonial Legionnaires. These are pretty old sculpts, and have the “chunky” faces common to some of the earlier GZG figures.  I originally purchased these to use as the Compagnie de Barth from Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers novels. I wanted them to be, well, er, French, right down to their kepis and the tricolor. Here are a few shots:

The Foreign Legion readies for more acts of derring do.

An eyebrow raises in puzzlement that anyone would challenge the Legion.

La Marseillaise plays gently over the headsets, the tricolor proudly displayed on their shoulderpads.

I had also purchased on eBay some GZG colonist figures already painted to a good standard, but of course, I wanted more. I dug out my 15mm Khurasan Sepulvedan Resistance fighters and started to paint them up as well. I decided that their kit and stocking hats reminded me of longshoremen…and then I thought Browncoats. I don’t really know why. Here are the first batch.

"I hope it snows so these stocking caps make sense."

So about 70 15mm troops painted in all in the middle of two busy weeks at work. Not bad. But wait, there’s more. In dialogues with Shawn Carpenter at Ambush Alley Games, I discovered that he is up against the wall with deadlines on some of the new books being published by Osprey. Being an idiot, I mean, good Samaritan, I volunteered to write some additional material for him on the Iraq War. My transformation into a full time gamer is nearly complete muahahahahaha. Just kidding, Shawn! Happy to help.

This Friday, August 20, we will take a break from the Middle East and slam some Aliens and French Foreign Legionnaires into each other using the latest draft of Tomorrow’s War. Game time is 7:15 PM at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Hissing noises and outrageous French accents are more than welcome!

  1. Donogh says:

    Great work on those not-Aliens – I’m seriously tempted to get them to use with my 25mm stuff…

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