Aliens in the Reactor AAR

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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With all the painting I finished these past two weeks, we decided to try out a game of Tomorrow’s War. The scenario was pretty straightforward. A manufacturing settlement on a colony world discovered that their nuclear reactor was infested with human-eating aliens.

A GE Fusion reactor to the aliens, home.

The town began its evacuation of citizens and called for help, in this case, the Interstellar Legion Etrangere Francaise, or Interstellar French Foreign Legion.

Starting forces for the aliens were 40 alien warriors and one alien king model which could set up anywhere in the reactor perimeter. Starting forces for the colonists were one eight man security squad (TQ6/Morale 8) divided into two fire teams and two ILEF squads, each comprised of two four man fire teams and a leader. They were allowed to set up in the town and manufacturing facilities outside the reactor area. Complicating the game was one major factor; about 20 civilians spread out through the area who needed evacuating. Victory conditions were as follows: 2 points to the human players for every citizen evacuated off the board and 1 point for every security or ILEF trooper who made it off. The alien players received two points for every human they ate. The aliens were TQ10 and never needed to check morale, but had no ranged weapons. The alien king was a D12.

In the first playtest of the scenario, the ILEF players deployed too close to the reactor and the aliens charged out, wiping out most of the IFEL by the end of turn 2. We decided to restart the scenario and make a few adjustments. During the second game, the ILEF deployed farther back and set up overwatch positions, while the security squad started gathering civilians.

The security forces gather civilians; despite the circles, Mel Gibson was not found.

Long range fire brought down a few aliens before they closed. The humans gathered together in one of the larger buildings on the board, hoping to kill enough aliens to start evacuating toward the starport. The first wave of aliens made it into the building, but were dispatched by the IFEL defenders.

Aliens advance toward the human stronghold. Vehicle painted by Battle Works Studio.

While this was going on, a flanking unit of the ILEF was attempting to open a pathway off the board toward the starport. The cunning alien players sent the king and a group of warriors to put an end to any thoughts of escape.

Despite the overwatch position, the ILEF showed the aliens just how tasty French food can be.

We called the game after the flanking unit was wiped out, since it was simply a matter of time before the aliens destroyed everyone in the building. In playtesting, the core game mechanics worked splendidly. I simply have some adjustments to make to the alien stats to balance the scenario a bit toward the colonist side. Otherwise, the game was quite a nice change of pace. We may run a version of it at Rockcon this November.

  1. Benny says:

    Does that counter say ‘screwed’? 😛

  2. beastmeister says:

    Yes it does, Benny. It’s available from LITKO, believe it or not 🙂

  3. Benny says:

    Ha… Off to hunt some down me thinks.
    Lovely work overall. The terrain in particular is quite nice.

  4. Donogh says:

    I’m going to have to copy that crop-circle!

  5. Mafin Phoenix says:

    Im just wondering how did you make that circles Mel gibson found ?? 🙂

    • beastmeister says:

      The field is actually from a model railroad manufacturer (Busch Gmbh). I picked it up when I was in Frankfurt this summer. It is available in the US from

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