Heading Out to Recruits

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Events, Miniature Games
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The Beast clan is heading to Lee’s Summit, Missouri this weekend for a fabulous three days of gaming and Ambush Alley madness. I had enough frequent flier miles left over to be able to fly versus drive, but that has created problems of its own. How to transport painted lead to a game convention? Shawn Carpenter has kindly agreed to provide terrain and accoutrements, so its come down to just figures. Et voila! the Sabol army transport case actually can accommodate my magnetic lined storage boxes. So the 15mm science fiction stuff — Legion Etrangere, Aliens, colonists, zombies — is all making the trip with us. We’re also taking a few of the smaller 15mm science fiction buildings we have, all in the hopes of a few games of the soon-to-be-released Tomorrow’s War with Shawn, Robbie and Peggy from Ambush Alley Games.

Painting-wise, I’ve been busy putting brush to resin on the 15mm Critical Mass Games buildings I purchased a month ago, as well as cranking out 32 Rebel Miniatures zombies. I’ll try to post some pictures after this weekend.

For those expecting Ambush Friday at UGG this week, alas, I will be in Missouri, so you are on your own. Last session, Chad and Ken played a very nice game of Battlefront: WWII Eastern Front. Let Ken know if you have something to run. We’ll return to our regular schedule two weeks from this coming Friday.

  1. varagon says:

    I’ll be seeing you around then!

    This is a great little convention with a ton of vendors and great atmosphere. It’s cheap, doesn’t overwhelm, but you’ll have a blast.

    I intend to get in some games of AA/AZ or TW as well. I’m not bringing any miniatures, so if there are games with “don’t need to bring any stuff” then I’ll jump in.

    See this weekend!

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