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Posted: September 21, 2010 in Events, Miniature Games
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We have returned from a great weekend of friends and gaming. My two sons, Will and Steve, and I attended Recruits in Lee’s Summit this past weekend. First of all, I must say what a pleasure it was to meet Shawn and Peggy Carpenter in person after corresponding and collaborating with them over the internet. They acted as host and hostess to my clan over the weekend and we are much in their debt. I also enjoyed meeting some of the AAG Forum folks in person and it was particularly great to meet Combat Wombat who has recently returned from Iraq. There’s nothing like going to a convention with the game designer, his wife, a bunch of fanatics of the game and lots of good food.

Shawn brought with him a printout of the new Tomorrow’s War PDF that will be released shortly. It looks very cool — hats off to Dixie for her layout, typography and overall design. Of course we had to play it, so Shawn and I ran a modified version of one of the scenarios in the book. Here are a few shots of the game:

My Legion Etrangere, supported by Combat Wombat grav tanks painted by Shawn.

Getting ready to cross the tree line on Glory.



The OpFor rolls around the Legion flank, supported by root beer.

Combat Wombat’s team made quick work of the Legion troops, thanks to Shawn and my bad scaling of the scenario to the size of the table. Regardless of our goof, everyone had a good time. A good sign for Tomorrow’s War popularity is that my son Steve (who is 13 and a Warhammer 40K fanatic) played it, loved it and is now building a 15mm force.

Tim (Timmy! on the AAG forums) put on a beautiful Afghanistan game that featured miniatures painted by Piers. Here are a few shots:

UK forces rolling down the highway.

"Ask to see the CarFAX"

Another angle of the vehicles.

From a purchase perspective, I saw the Project: Slipstream 15mm science fiction figures from in person and bought a bunch. They are heavily armed and armored humans in helmets and berets. Shawn and I got to see some of his concept sketches for future releases and they are exciting. I plan to paint my figures as future Russian paratroops. I also purchased all the casting seconds that Combat Wombat brought to the convention ( While he is not currently taking orders, he is back and hopes to be up and running soon. We got a preview of his new 15mm dropships and will review them once he has them in production. Check his website over the next month or so for when he goes back into business. I also purchased a few 20mm US and Iraq Elheim figures from Syr Hobbs and some QRF modern Soviets and Germans from Miniatures Armies (

Thanks to Duane for putting on a great Recruits. We plan to come back in the spring as a game master.

  1. Donogh says:

    Good stuff all-round!
    I love that battered T-55 too

  2. Scott Wadyko says:

    It was great meeting you guys and look forward to throwing some dice with you again soon.

  3. Ken Gordhamer says:

    Hey, I FINALLY got around to checking out your blog… love the pics, and had a really good time at Recruits. It was great meeting you and your boys, and really enjoyed the TW game, unbalanced as it was.

    Hope to see you again some time!

    • beastmeister says:


      It was our pleasure meeting you. I’ll see you at the next Recruits for sure…and if you’re ever in Chicagoland, we’ll get a game on for ya!

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