Tomorrow’s War…and Work in Progress

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Miniature Games
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We played a great game of Tomorrow’s War on Friday night using the Bugs in the Reactor scenario. This the first time we’ve played it since making adjustments for the final version in the TW rulebook. And it went very well. I made a little bit of an adjustment to the map which caused a few problems (more in a little bit), but otherwise it was a close game. My adjustment was moving some of the colonist buildings closer to the reactor…not a good idea. It looked cool on the table, but allowed the alien player to place some of the colonists close to the wire around the reactor, with corresponding bone-crunching consequences 🙂

The French Foreign Legion was much more capable of causing Alien casualties at range (good); the Aliens made short work of anything they came into melee with (good); but the colonists were just a bit too close to the reactor and the Alien players were able to munch too many before the FFL players could get their firing line established. Had I left the buildings where they are on the scenario map, it would have come down to the last turn to see who wins (also good). Everyone thought that the scenario was fun and different than the usual regulars v. regulars, or regulars v. insurgent games.

Meanwhile, my 15mm science fiction forces continue to grow. I just received some additional Rebel Miniatures, Khurasan and GZG figures. From Rebel, I obtained some Titan Marines and a few of the Hammer walkers. I am going to paint them up as a religious/fanatic force (think Saddam’s Feyadeen in the Darth Vader helmets). From Khurasan, my drop ship and some additional figures for my Felid forces. And from GZG, I ordered some wheeled logistics vehicles to mix in with the ones I already had from Combat Wombat as well as the UNSC light troops which are spectacular.

Over the weekend I prepped all of the Project: Slipstream figures, several Combat Wombat and GZG vehicles, a platoon’s worth of the UNSC troops and all of my Felid figures and vehicles. Now to the painting!

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