Well, I haven’t been active on the blog for about three weeks, mostly because I’ve been busy at work or getting ready for Legends. This year’s LITF was a great success, not in the least due to the tireless efforts of Skip Peterson. Thanks, Skip, for all the extra time and effort you put into this convention…it shows!

This year, we had the considerable pleasure of having Shawn and Peggy Carpenter of Ambush Alley Games drive up all the way from Oklahoma to make an appearance. My son Will and I ran games with them all day Saturday. Here are a few shots from the games. First up is an Ambush Alley: Force on Force game involving a drive through an Iraqi city by a Marine Recon force. The board was 2 x 4′ and required the Marines to recover a surrounded fire team, then exit off the opposite edge of the board.

Looking from the Marine positions along the route to the opposite side. The lost fire team is visible in the upper left center of the picture.

The wily insurgent players went all out to wipe out the Marine fire team before the relief column could reach it. They succeeded. In fact, they charged the position after several shooting rounds reduced the effectiveness of its overwatch position. All but one of the Marines was brutally executed. The sole survivor was paraded on Al Jazeera in a major propaganda coup for the insurgents. Alas, if that were the only USMC problem for the day. As the column (which consisted of a Marine squad in three Hummers and a LAV-25) moved forward, all hell broke lose.

A lucky RPG hit damages the LAV's Bushmaster gun.

The insurgents popped up from their hidden positions and fired several RPGs against the LAV, resulting in a damaged main gun for the LAV. Then one Hummer was immobilized, then another set on fire by small arms. An exchange of fire between the Iraqi’s and the now dismounted Marines resulted in two Fog of War cards, giving the Marines some welcome support in the form of a GPMG team and a Bradley from a nearby US Army FOP.

A Hummer burns in the foreground as a US Army Bradley shows up to support the Marines.

The highlight of the game was the sole Hummer and LAV limping off the board, while a few USMC survivors on foot dragged a wounded comrade behind them, frantically shouting for the column to come back. It was a Platoon moment. Despite the US Army assistance, it was a grim day for the Marines.

Next up was a game of Tomorrow’s War in the afternoon run by Shawn and my son Will. Here are a couple of shots from the layout. I didn’t get a chance to get pictures, but I know that Shawn took a few, so hopefully I can repost them here once he gets them uploaded.

Looking toward the human settlement and the GE Mr. Fusion Reactor.

In the midst of the alien Nard trees. I can't remember the plastic plant vendor, but I rebased them for use in Tomorrow's War.

Looking at the human buildings near the river. The buildings are by Critical Mass Games. The bridge I scratchbuilt from balsa and Plasticard.

While I was running the Ambush Alley game with Shawn in the morning, Will was running Starship Troopers using Tomorrow’s War. Again, Shawn took a lot of pictures, so you’ll have to wait to see pictures of the game. In the afternoon, I ran a game of Force on Force set on Guadalcanal in WW2 in 28mm. A USMC platoon was pushing out from Henderson’s Field into the jungle, chasing remnants of the Japanese 5th Special Naval Landing Force.

The USMC advances past the farm toward the river.

The footbridge over the river. Bridge by Miniature Gaming Authority.

The Japanese advanced to the river as well.

The USMC firing line at the river put out enough lead to force a river crossing.

Once the USMC crossed the river, the Japanese fought a delaying action while they escaped deeper into the jungle.

The USMC prevailed, mostly because of its superior firepower. This is the second time I have run this scenario and it was fairly balanced up until the very end. The Marines took a few casualties crossing the river and to ambushes, while the Japanese were hit very hard at the end, giving the Marines the edge in victory points.

As with all LITF conventions, the games were spectacular. Mark Feldman ran a 28mm Memoir 44 game. There were several nice looking Flames of War games, as well as Ivor Jensky’s Autumn 1914 skirmish game. I didn’t get a chance to get around much, since I was running games back to back all day long, but from what I did see, I think the games this year were the best yet. I’m now looking forward to helping Skip put together LITF Spring 2011.




  1. Mark Gipson says:

    Thanks for running those games. I had a blast with Ambush Alley and Tomorrow’s War. Definitely more miniature shopping for me in the near future…

  2. I’m still really new at the “blog” thing, but here is my AAR on the games you ran at “Legends”.


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