15mm Sci Fi Painting

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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Time for an update on some of my recent painting.

Awhile back, I ordered some buildings from Critical Mass Games and had only painted one of them. Over the past two weeks I have slowly been getting them done. Here are a few.

Critical Mass Games 15mm building

Another CMG building

More CMG goodness

Another one from CMG

I wanted all the buildings to look like weathered concrete. I also wanted them to have some strong primary colors for identification purposes as to function. I heartily recommend these models to anyone looking for 15mm science fiction buildings. I have about 10 more to paint and am actually enjoying bringing them to light.

Next up is a medium hover tank from Combat Wombat. Scott was nice enough to send me a few models to review and I have been remiss about painting them up.

15mm medium grav tank from Combat Wombat Miniatures

I absolutely love Scott’s sculpting and casting. The models don’t require a lot of work, other than filing and the occasional air bubble in the resin that needs to be filled. I chose to leave a few as “battle scars” and weathered them with scorch marks and rust. I am quite fond of the “reactive armor” look of many of his vehicles. This model consisted of a chassis, a turret and some grav lifters (which I left off this model). For basing, I drilled a hole in the bottom, used an acrylic peg as a stand and attached it to a poker chip which I covered with sand and painted. The high level of surface detail lends itself to a drybrush/wash method of painting. The only hiccup I had in the entire process was remembering to wash the model thoroughly after filing and prepping; otherwise you may have trouble getting primer or paint to adhere. On my second attempt everything worked out fine. Being made of resin, Combat Wombat’s models are very affordable and very recommended. Check out his line at www.combatwombatminiatures.com. He has a few new pieces, including a modular cargo lander/carrier called the Bullfrog that reminds me of the old Space:1999 Eagle.

Continuing on, here are a few shots of Rebel Miniatures Titan Marines. I purchased these with the intent of painting up a police/militia force for Tomorrow’s War. I am creating a force of quasi-religious zealots who use walkers and infantry as their primary arms. Here are the first 10 I have painted. I apologize for the dark lighting. I managed to blow out my photo lamps and need to buy some replacement bulbs 😦

Shoulder pad detail on the figures.

Finally, I finished two medium Circles of Felids and their Lion transport.

15mm Lion Transport from Khurasan

Staring down the business end.

Two battle circles, a transport and a baron. Meow!

I was not sold on the Lion when Khurasan first brought out the model, but I found it fun to paint and it is an absolute beast on the table! Although the first time we took it out for a drive, it got hit with an anti-tank plasma gun from a hidden bunker.

Puddy cat APC goes BOOM!

My Felids will ultimately have three Lion transports and another two battle circles, so I have quite a bit more to paint. Khurasan continues to put out incredibly detailed, fun to paint figures and I continue to buy them.

I may retake and post some new photos once I get my lighting fixed.

  1. Benny says:

    Bit late to the party on this one, but I’m about to grab some Felid and yours are a great inspiration. Not really a fan of the Lion but in the photo of it brewed up the gun is obscured, definitely like the look of it without that turret 🙂

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