Back in Business: Ambush Friday returns January 7

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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Sorry for the absence of posts during December. Things at work got a little busy, then I decided to take a nose dive into the mother of all head colds during the holidays.

I have been painting quite a bit and will have a lot of photos to share in the next few posts. Before we get to that, I wanted to alert everyone that this Friday is the return of Ambush Friday at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Game time is 7 PM. We will return to our Iraq setting (which has grown by about 8 more buildings, including two rather large mosque compounds). We’re really loving the new vehicle rules from the upcoming 2nd edition of AA:FOF. They represent much quicker and more logical play on the tabletop. Two weeks after that we are planning on running a game of Tomorrow’s War set on Mars, using the new Panoramat map I just received from England. Mark German, the manufacturer ( has outdone himself. He is taking NASA and Google Earth imagery and transfering it to vinyl 4 x 6′ mats. Highly recommended. I’ll try to take some pictures of the mat for the next post.


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