Ambush Mars — Robot Style!

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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Today we played a game of Tomorrow’s War using Robots, a Gigantic Vehicle and a hostile environment: Mars. The scenario was based around a human outpost under attack by a Robot Legion. The human forces were represented by Khurasan’s new Federal Infantry (painted by Skip Peterson) and Rebel Miniatures APCs (painted by me). The human force was d8/d8 troop quality and morale. There were three squads with rocket launchers, SAWs and ACRs. They also had an FO team able to call in off-board artillery (from an orbital platform).

Some of the human defenders (Khurasan).

Human APCs (Rebel Miniatures).

The Robotic Legion was represented by Blue Moon’s new 15mm Robot Legion and Skirmishers (painted by John Leahy) and the as-yet-unreleased Khurasan Mekanoid Dictator (painted by Battle Works Studios). The Robots were d8/d12 and were subject to the Survivability test (TL2) and limited to patrol/cautious movement only (6″). The Dictator was given two rail guns, a head gun system, and leg gun systems. Being Gigantic, it was an easier target, but used the Gigantic Vehicle table for damage.

Some of the Robot Legion from Blue Moon.

The Gigantic Dictator from Khurasan Miniatures.

The humans started deployed in the settlement area and found themselves under fire from the minute the Robots entered the board edge.

Orbital shot of the human settlement.

For those wondering, two of the buildings are really 1/285th Mechwarrior buildings from Gale Force 9. Two are scratch-built by me from a silverware container and an electrical box. The two white buildings and one green are GZG buildings painted by me. The white silo-like building is a 1/285th Armorcast Power Plant that actually looks better with 15mm figures.

The humans tried to hide behind rocks and take shots at the Dictator; one of the APCs caused a 1/2 mobility hit on the first turn, greatly slowing the overall Robot Legion advance, only to pay the price from return rail gun fire the next turn.

The price of victory is often defeat.

A human sniper pair waits in ambush.

The Robot Legion continues its advance. The red gear marker indicates a mobility hit on the Dictator.

After a few turns, the humans started to fall back to the settlement from their initial ambush positions. Two of the three APCs were destroyed, as well as two human rocket launcher fire teams. The Legion sustained light casualties.

The Robot Legion goes in after the human defenders.

The game ended with a Robot Legion victory. While the humans caused damage to the Dictator, they could not stop it entirely. Also, the humans rolled slightly below average, while the Robot Legion’s die rolls were considerably above average when it counted.

All in all, it was a good first playtest of the scenario. Our initial thoughts are to give the humans 2-3 more heavy weapons for play balance, but otherwise, things went fairly well. This was also the first time we used the Martian surface image mat from Panoramat. It looked fabulous and really added to the aesthetics of the game.

  1. mark german says:

    Hi Jim
    the game looks great.
    regarding the mats, I have found a good shipping company to get the prices to the US even lower. I might add that it would be more economical if a few mats were purchased in one go from your freinds and only use one shipping cost. I can get 4 off 6ft x 4ft mats in a tube and would cost approx £30 due to the extra weight, but! this would only cost £7.50 each between 4 of for thought!

    good luck with the gaming

    Kind regards


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