Last Sunday’s Tomorrow’s War AAR

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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Wow, what a weird title 🙂  At any rate, we decided to run a game on a desert world featuring the Federal Infantry (mostly Khurasan figures) against an invading force of Robot Legion troops (infantry from Blue Moon and vehicles by Khurasan). We wanted to test a few new rules that Shawn and I decided needed a little tweaking regarding robots and gigantic vehicles. Our play testing was showing both to be a little too powerful. We fixed this by modifying the Survivability trait given to robots to make them easier to kill at lower tech levels. We also decided on allowing a variation of the Restricted Fire Arc rule for gigantic vehicles. Previously this trait was only applied to some assault guns (think StuG’s from WW2), but it works quite well with ridiculously sized vehicles. Those changes seemed to do it, because we had a close game that went back and forth between the two sides. One other change was the debut of my Khurasan Siler super heavy tank.

My Siler super heavy tank from Khurasan

The Robots had to cross a desert plain that was broken up by rocky formations and scrubs. The human defenders were nestled into a small desert town whose central feature was a small reactor and a few research buildings. Things went very badly for the humans at first. A Federal missile team managed to damage the Dictator’s leg guns, but after that it was one “plink” after another as the Dictator shrugged off round after round of fire. A few bad reaction rolls resulted in multiple Fog of War cards as well. A dust storm blew in, limiting visibility to 18″ for both sides (later another FOW card would turn into into a maelstrom a limit optimal range to 6″ for both sides). Two “man down” cards both randomly hit the same gun team on the Federal side, resulting in one heavy weapon team being inoperable. The worst was the “Gas, Gas, Gas!” card that forced all the Federals to seal up their suits and reduced their troop quality from a D8 to a D6. We ruled that all the human vehicles were already pressurized, so they retained their D8 status.

The Dictator shrugged off the human defensive fire and kept coming.

The beleagured humans had a lot of bad luck at first.

Then came the Siler. After several rounds back and forth where the Dictator kept rolling “Suppression” results for damage on the Siler, the Siler finally got off a clean shot and then rolled an “11” on a D12 on the Gigantic Vehicle Damage table. Kaboom!

In one instant, from devastating killer to miniature golf course ornament!

Then everything went against the robots. They rolled a bad reaction and their Fog of War card sent their hatchet gunship home.

The Hatchet gets ready to cross the river, then receives the "Recall" signal.

What had been a bad time for the humans suddenly became a successful defense of the village. The Robot Legion decided to return to base, wait for the storm to settle and see about a return assault. Gradually, the humans started to push scouts out across the river to see if the robots had really gone home.

"Negative, Six. We see no sign of the toasters."

All in all, everyone seemed to have a good time. I have never seen such decisive Fog of War cards afflict one side so quickly, but the humans still managed to rally enough to force a draw. That Siler is one heck of a beast!

  1. It was a fun battle! I am working on my AAR of it. Valentine’s Day necessities with my wife have delayed me a bit…:)

  2. Sheriff Lee says:

    Awesome game. I just ordered my TW from Amzon, yesterday. Now I want to time wrap to the future to get it.

  3. Scotty says:

    Awesome AAR. What were you stats on the Siler?

    • beastmeister says:


      We gave the Siler TL2 armor and a TL2 gun. For caliber we called it a 200mm mass driver with AP:4/AT5(H) stats. We gave it secondaries (the mini-turrets) ratings of TL2 AP:3/AT:2(L). Frontal armor was TL2 5d12. We gave it the attributes of Heavy Hitter, Slow Firing, Life Saver and Safe Haven. Just to mess with things, we made it slower than normal vehicles, calling it 8/16″ when cautious/rapid moving.

  4. diego D says:

    Hello, Im a player from colombia, I wanna know how big is the Mechanoid Dictator Super Heavy Battlemech, because I want to buy it but I dont know his real size compered with a Games workshop miniature, can you help me?

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