A Long but Fun Weekend and Upcoming Events

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Events, Miniature Games
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Well, three days of Ambush Alley Games demos and I am still alive 🙂  We had great turnouts at Unique Gifts and Games, Games Plus and the Reenactor Fest in Wheeling. I know Shawn and Peggy Carpenter from AAG are exhausted. I slept almost 12 straight hours Saturday night. Three days of gaming and three days of praise and compliments for the new rules and the games we ran. I also received my advanced copies of Force on Force and Road to Baghdad and they look marvelous! It was nice to run a game using a book again instead of my playtest notes!

To keep my mind fresh for the next AAG projects, I’m taking a week off from anything AAG-related. So this coming Sunday’s game will be something entirely different. Ambush Sunday is still on, but we will be playing a game of Pig Wars in 28mm. If you’re not familiar with the game, it is a Dark Ages skirmish game where each player commands a small band of Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Irish with differing objectives, most of which involve stealing from the other players. Remember, wealth in 1000 AD was measured in cattle, sheep and you guessed it, pigs. The game is great fun and Jon Walters has been itching to use his new Gripping Beast plastic Saxons, so I’m dusting off the 28mm collection. Please join us at 12:30 PM at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL for some shield-wall stomping, helmet bashing fun.

  1. Jon Walters says:

    It was a great weekend, and quite exhausting.

    I’ve got 33+ head of Vikingr ready to go! Saxons are still unassembled/unpainted… (Alfred the not yet Great is still cowering in the swamps).

  2. Jon Walters says:

    Make that 44 Vikingr.

    Talked to Denny today, I’m dragging him along… He’s bringing a warband.

    Also, will we have FoF available on another table (since we told all those noobs when/where to get some more)?

  3. Now theres some cool looking models and terrain =O)

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