Return to the Valley on Sunday

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Ambush Alley, Events, Miniature Games
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This Sunday’s Ambush Alley game will be a playtest of a scenario from the upcoming Ambush Valley 2 expansion. Skip Peterson has once again graciously volunteered the use of his extensive collection of 20mm Vietnam figures. We will be arriving at 12 PM, but game time is 1 PM at Unique Gifts and Games on Sunday, March 27.

I had my stitches removed from my hand this morning and things are slowly returning to normal. I actually painted two 28mm figures this past weekend and plan to get back to painting in a serious way since my left hand will be fully usable again. Yea! My first big project will be the beginnings of the AAG terrain boards for Historicon.

Two weeks from this Sunday will be the debut of playing Warhammer 40K using Tomorrow’s War rules and GW figures. Please note that this is not anything for publication or of an official nature. We are just trying out some stats and force ORBATs that Will put together to see how far we can stretch the Tomorrow’s War rules. So far, I particularly like his treatment of the Tyrannids (think hot spots and AAG insurgent mechanics) and what he’s done regarding vehicles. So plan to bring your 40K forces on Sunday, April 10, if you want to try out our concoction (which we jokingly refer to as ‘Warhammer Special K’).


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