Cold War Gone Hot…Heats Up :)

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well, it’s been a busy time for me and Ambush Alley Games, that’s for sure. Congratulations to Shawn, Peggy, Robby and the whole AAG team for the successful launch of Force on Force and Road to Baghdad. We did it!

Since I posted this over on the Ambush Alley Games Forums, I know I’m OK in mentioning it here. I am the lead author on the Cold War Gone Hot supplement for Force on Force. It is due for publication later this year. The book will have three main divisions:

1) Cold War Fears…this is a collection of essays, scenarios and stats for what we thought was going to happen. E.g., Fulda Gap, Soviet breakthroughs, etc. The main thrust of these scenarios is getting back into the mindset that existed during the 1980s when NATO and the US were trying to figure out a way to survive the Soviet/Pact superiority in numbers.

2) Cold War Realities…this section will focus on what we know today about the 1980s. The declassification of documents on both sides shows that the Soviet Union was a lot tougher on paper than in reality. Think, The Bear Went Over the Mountain applied to all the likely theaters of conflict. Would the Soviets have been able to achieve a breakthrough? How would the Warsaw Pact forces handle a major slugfest with NATO?

3) Cold War Hollywood. We all have our favorite movies and books…we’re taking it one step further and writing scenarios in that vein. If you’re a fan of fictional encounters like Ice Station Zebra and Red Storm Rising, you won’t be disappointed.

The book will feature scenarios for all budgets. There will indeed be a few “armor park” scenarios as one might expect for the Cold War, but there will be plenty of special ops, infantry slugfests and whatever other coolness we choose to throw in the book. In addition, we’ll be focusing on TO&Es for the major NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, vehicle listings, historiography, and bibliography. Work is progressing nicely and the team we’ve assembled has put together some good stuff so far.

  1. I hope this will also allow for the Cold War conflicts in the Middle East, Lebanon Civil War, 1982 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, and the Yom Kippur War.

    • beastmeister says:

      At this time, Jon, probably not for space limitations. We are looking at future projects that may involve those conflicts, but nothing concrete at this time.

  2. Tac Error says:

    Nice, but I hope that the stereotypes of the Soviets that we acquired and kept after the Cold War fell (and reinforced by Desert Storm) are done away with in the book.

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