Well, our turn out on Sunday was not great, so we did not get a chance to do Cold War Gone Hot playtesting. Instead, I worked up a small Tomorrow’s War scenario that Shawn Carpenter has agreed to post up as a freebie on the new Ambush Alley Games website.

And speaking of the new website, here it is: www.ambushalleygames.com. Several members of my staff at work; Devin Barth, Zach Landua and Adam McCrimmon took on the challenge of a side job with me as a client and delivered what I think is one of the best wargaming manufacturer’s sites in the industry. Hats off to my boys! Woo hoo! I know Shawn and Peggy are thrilled with it, and I hope you like it, too.

  1. jon walters says:

    Looks fantastic! If we can get together during the week or something let me know… next AA Sunday I’ll be away again.

  2. Mark Gipson says:

    Jim, I believe I should be free the next gaming Sunday. Sorry, but this past Sunday was more for accomplishing things around the house that the weather had been preventing.

  3. jon walters says:

    What are we looking at this weekend?

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