Work Progresses on Cold War Gone Hot…and Planning for Next Painting Project

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Miniature Games
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I’ve been writing day and night the past few weeks. I’m just getting around to finishing the last scenario drafts for the upcoming Cold War Gone Hot supplement for Force on Force. I am learning a lot about small unit organizations during the Cold War, that’s for sure. Most of my Cold War gaming experience falls into two categories: microarmor games and my involvement with GDWs Assault/Boots & Saddles games from the 1980s. My library is full of Cold War books. And yet I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the material that I’ve played or been exposed to has been at the battalion level and above. Tracking down accurate squad level TO&Es during the 1980s, particularly for Warsaw Pact forces, is challenging, but I want to thank the team of folks I’m working with, particularly Piers Brand and Jim Wonacott, who have been very helpful in keeping me accurate and true to the sources we do have.

Painting is on a back burner right now until the first draft manuscript is done for Cold War Gone Hot.  Then it’s get ready for Historicon and a full weekend of Ambush Alley Games demos. It’s been awhile since I’ve painted 20mm, so this should be fun working in a larger scale again. We’re planning on two different demo tables; one in 20mm and one in 15mm. Once the Historicon program listing is finalized, I’ll share what we’re doing, but I can tell you that one is going to be a combined arms game and one is a vehicle heavy game (you can guess which one is in 15mm).

The next project is one for me and me alone. It’s Vietnam in 15mm. With the upcoming Ambush Valley for Force on Force, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get back into Southeast Asia. My last tour of duty was Charlie Company, a great set of rules by John Reeves that I play tested years ago and enjoyed tremendously. Piers and Joe have done a fabulous job on the new Ambush Alley.  I also love the new 15mm miniatures coming out from Battlefront; coupled with some great QRF and Flashpoint stuff and some Timecast hooches, I want to do some actions involving the Blackhorse regiment.

I’m also continuing to paint up modern stuff. I just received a shipment of Hummer’s and Bradleys from the incomparable Irish Serb. The castings are crisp and being made of resin makes them a quicker assembly than metal vehicles.


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