Cold War Gone Hot off to Osprey

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games
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Well, the team has put another one to rest. Shawn Carpenter sent the final draft of Cold War Gone Hot to Osprey for editing and layout. We still have play testing and tweaking to do on a few of the scenarios, but the heavy lifting is done. My hats off to Shawn, Jim Wonacott, Rich Chambers and Piers Brand as my fellow writers, as well as all the usual folks in the development and consultation roles at Ambush Alley Games. Right now CWGH is slated for a November release.

The next major project is focused on Historicon and getting the two demo games ready for play. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re doing a vehicle-heavy Arab-Israeli scenario from 73; essentially a scaled-up version of the Yehudia Road scenario in the new Force on Force books. My son Will has been instrumental in helping me assemble all the QRF vehicles. I am now in the process of painting. I purchased a new Aztek Testor’s airbrush for doing the Syrian camo patterns and coating the Israeli armor in its distinctive yellow-olive color. Skip Peterson is helping with the terrain boards; we’re getting together tonight to start painting the Golan Heights.

The other scenario is from the Green Zone in Afghanistan and is a slightly modified version of the Bala Baluk scenario in the soon-to-be-released Operation Enduring Freedom supplement for Force on Force. Again, I’ve enlisted the help of Skip Peterson for the terrain boards and his excellently-painted Taliban figures from Elheim. Jon Walters is assisting with the USMC (also Elheim figures). Shawn Carpenter is providing buildings and vehicles for the scenario.

Once Historicon is done, I plan to get back to work on a few of my own pet projects. 15mm Vietnam has called out to me to get involved and I have made quite a few purchases of Battlefront, Flashpoint and QRF vehicles and figures. The other project is getting back to 28mm Perry Samurai.

  1. Tom says:

    Excellent news! This is the Force on Force supplement I’m most looking forward to as I’ve been inspired by my trove of Twilight 2000 material to do some games in this setting.

    But I’m curious to know what scale you’ve been using as you wrote up the book and, more importantly, where you find figures for the period. I’d like to use 15mm but pretty much all of the modern 15mm stuff I’ve seen has been focused on Iraq and Afghanistan and I haven’t been able to track down much in the way of other modern/cold war figures.

    • beastmeister says:


      I have been using 15mm. The best sources for 15mm are QRF and Old Glory at this point. All of my Soviets and US figures are QRF; most of my Soviet armor is QRF, with some Old Glory mixed in.


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