A Few Preview Photos for Historicon

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games, Uncategorized
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We have been busy with the two games for Historicon for Ambush Alley Games, and Shawn Carpenter gave me the green light to post a few photos “in advance” to whet the appetite. First up are a few shots of the 17 Syrian T-62s for the “Encounter on the Yehudia Road” scenario from the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict. These figures were graciously donated by Geoff at QRF.

QRF T-62s in 15mm painted as Syrians

Closer shot of T-62s

These tanks are nearly finished. All I need to add are some of the machine guns and give them a final seal. For those interested, I primered them Army Painter “Army Green”, then airbrushed them with a pale sand and dark gray overspray. Weathering was a red-brown wash for the bogey wheels, with progressive drybrushes of khaki and pale sand. Since I couldn’t find any suitable decals in 15mm, I went all out and hand painted all the arabic numerals on the turrets. Information on insignia and numbering for Syrian vehicles is somewhat sketchy, but most sources show a 3-digit turret number. Sometimes the numbers were shown in a dotted box, but I elected to go the easier route. I’m very happy with how these have turned out. As for the camouflage colors, again, there is little to go on. I elected to follow the scheme in the Concord publication for 1948-1873 Wars of the Middle East. I have seen other pictures where the yellow was more bright, the green another color and the gray omitted, to name but a few options.

As for their opponents, Geoff again supplied us with Centurion 5/2s, which I have painted as Israeli Sho’ts for the game. Yes, there are a few differences between the Centurion 5/2 and the Sho’t, but most are minor at 15mm scale.

QRF 15mm Centurion Sho'ts

Closer view of Sho'ts

Again, there was a lack of 15mm decals readily available, so I hand painted the company chevrons and Hebrew platoon/tank designations on the fenders. The tanks were primered in Army Painter “Skeletal Bone” and airbrushed with Testor’s Israeli Armor Sand. I then painted the treads and bogey wheels in dark gray, followed by successive drybrushes of khaki and pale sand for weathering. The eight tanks in the scenario represent three platoons (with battle losses) and a company command vehicle. All that remains is the addition of the turret MGs and we are ready to go for Historicon.

The Yehudia Road action will feature 25 vehicles total and is designed to showcase the new armor rules in Force on Force. The action represents part of the last stand of an Israeli tank platoon against a full brigade of Syrian armor in the opening days of the conflict. The platoon held until reinforcements arrived, thanks in part to the superior gunnery of the Israeli tankers and in part because of the elevation involved. The Soviet-made tanks could not elevate their barrels high enough to hit the Israelis until they had closed the range. We’ve played the scenario a number of times and it still remains a tense action until the end. We’re looking forward to running it for everyone.


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