I have been remiss in regular posting this month, but the real world has intruded in my gaming world.

First of all, we had a great game two Sundays ago play testing my homegrown Viking rules. The battle see-sawed back and forth between the Viking raiders and the Saxon village defenders, shieldwalls banged together, the Ulfhednar chopped up some archers and the players seemed to think it went well for a first pass. I’m going to keep tinkering with it. The idea is to provide a nice set of skirmish rules (not army level rules) for simulating Viking raids and small clashes. More to come in the future.

Second, I’ve been busy getting our family in order. Steve starts high school in the fall, and Will is off to his freshman year at Indiana University. Wow, do I ever feel old! We’ve also been crazy with other family stuff and my regular work has picked up the pace. In keeping with the Dark Ages, we managed to sneak in a trip to the Ren Fair this past weekend where my youngest purchased a Viking battle axe. I have seen no Saxons or Normans on our block since its purchase, so hopefully it will continue to do its job.

Finally, this upcoming Sunday is Ambush Sunday at Unique Gifts and Games. We will probably have two games running this Sunday. One will be put on by Mark Gibson and will feature a play test of his Tomorrow’s War scenario for the upcoming Recruits convention. I know he is planning on Hammer’s Slammers, so it should be a fun game. We are also planning on a second game of Will’s choosing (I’m trying to convince him to run his summer project: a 15mm miniatures version of the Fallout video game using Tomorrow’s War mechanics), so stay tuned. As always, game time is 1 PM.


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