Tomorrow’s War at Recruits – Pictures From the Fields

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Ambush Alley, Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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I meant to post these photos as soon as I got back, but real life keeps getting in the way of the important stuff like the Tomorrow’s War debut at Recruits. First of all, here are a few pictures of the demo boards that Jason at Micropanzer did:

An Urban Tomorrow's War setting

This simple urban setting saw a lot of action all weekend and taught the TW rules to quite a few folks. Perhaps even more impressive were Jason’s underground mining boards:

The surface entrance to the mine

Part of the mine interior: a waste disposal pool

The entirety of the complex...very impressive!

Some of the pieces in this display were old model railroad parts; some were scraps from plumbing pieces or old computers; some were Warhammer movement trays and the rest were pieces of Spaceship X tiles from Creative Gamescapes which Jason sells. His layout has inspired me for my next TW layout.

Next up are a few shots from Mark Gibson’s TW game featuring Hammer’s Slammers:

The Slammers race to take a bridge against local delaying forces

The Slammers were much younger this time, but still aggressive 🙂

The great thing about Mark’s games in particular is that they attracted a younger crowd and Mark did a great job keeping them engaged. Recruits is a wonderful convention for bringing young people into miniature gaming, and the ease with which teenagers (and younger) picked up the basics of Tomorrow’s War is heartening.

Mark has already posted about our Crusties versus the Humans game at Recruits, but I thought I’d drop in a few shots from the demo that Shawn and I put together. The figures are from Shawn and my personal collections, and feature our own painting, plus that of Piers Brand and Battle Works Studios.

The Crustie forces advance through the human farms.

The Crusties get in tight with the human defenders

The humans on the bridge are wiped out. My vote for the most ironic Fog of War drawn ever!

At least one Crustie vehicle was taken out by the desparate humans

All in all, it was a great showing for Tomorrow’s War and the sales were brisk at the AAG booth. Scott at Combat Wombat sold quite a few 15mm science fiction vehicles, and Jason at Micropanzer sold out of quite a few SKUs of his figures.

  1. ccglazier says:

    Very cool! Looks like a great set-up. I wish there were more miniature gaming cons in my area. Thanks for posting.

  2. Dogui says:

    Those are some amazing gameboards!!!

  3. Rett says:

    Very Cool!!! I was lucky enough to see some of this and the book at the ACD show. I hope I get a chance to play at the Alliance Open House.

    Any chance you and Shawn will be running this at Legends in the Fall?


  4. beastmeister says:

    Shawn will not be attending. I will be running Tomorrow’s War at my AAG booth…and Scott from Combat Wombat will be next to my booth, so we’ll be doing some cooperative games.

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