IFVs and Assault Gun for Neo-Soviet VDV Force

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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Another busy weekend, but I found time to paint up some excellent vehicles from Scotty at Combat Wombat. I purchased these at Fall Recruits this year with my Neo-Soviet VDV force in mind. First up is the fantastic assault gun model with one of the new drilled metal barrels Scotty is offering:

Fire support for the troops, Neo-Soviet style!

Ssssh---we're hunting Silers! Heheheheheheh.

Alternate angle shot of this beast.

Next up are three IFVs, Combat Wombat style:

Command vehicle for the IFVs.

Alternate view.

The full platoon transport.

VDV troopers dismounted from their rides.

Closer shot of the VDV troops and their mounts.

A few comments on the photos. The “brighter” photos were taken with my new iPhone 4S camera which is absolutely amazing in terms of quality, even with macro photos. The “darker” ones were my usual Canon PowerShot Digital Elph. I may just stick with my iPhone!

As for painting, I airbrushed all the vehicles with Vallejo Flat Tan, then German Black-Gray stripes, followed by German Camo-Brown within the Black-Gray stripes. I then washed the vehicles with Vallejo Black Wash, then washed the treads and wheels with Vallejo Sepia wash mixed with some Vallejo rust pigment. I finished with a light drybrush of Khaki Grey, followed by the same mixed with Ivory. I am quite pleased with the results and can’t wait to put the entire force on the table at the upcoming Legends in the Fall convention next weekend.

  1. scotty says:

    love those based vehicles!!!

  2. beastmeister says:

    Thanks, Scotty. Got anything else you want painted? Happy to make you happy 🙂

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