Caeles Vermes (Space Worms)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Miniature Games, Tomorrow's War
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I picked up a few packs of the O8 Space Worms from Pico Armor at Legends two weeks ago and promised John that I would paint them up before Christmas, so he could post a few photos on his website. The O8 Space Worms are a fun group of sculpts, more pulp in flavor than most of the 15mm releases these days, with a lot of character.

Oddzial's Space Worms (crawling soon from a hole near you)

The castings were pretty clean, with the exception of a few minor mold lines that had to be filed. The alloy used is a little harder than most, so make sure your files are up to it. That being said, I cleaned up all 18 in about 20 minutes. The detail is very crisp and lends itself well to stain painting or drybrushing.

A closer view of the Space Worms

I wanted a fairly clean look for the painted models, so I basecoated them with a thinned down coat of Vallejo Beige, then washed them with Vallejo Fleshtone Wash. I coated the red and metal areas with a layer of Vallejo Maroon, followed by Vallejo Flat Red, Bronze and Gunmetal Gray. Basing was done with Vallejo Dark Brown basing medium (my newest love), static grass and a few clumps of vegetation and rocks. As for the variety of poses, here are a few pictures.

From left to right, Leader, Grunt 1, Grunt 2, Grunt 3, Heavy 1 and Heavy 2 poses (my names, not O8's)

The Leader (or as I say, the Khan of Worms)

The Grunts (who give a whole new meaning to Bore Sighting)

Heavy 1 (bait and sinker?)

Heavy 2 ("try carrying this around with no arms")

As you can see, Space Worms paint up quite well and can add a fun element to any science fiction battlefield. My own thoughts on a background are as follows. I see them as biological weapons of another race, controlled through the helmet and used in a subterranean envelopment role (“Death from Below”), so definitely tunnelers. I organized my Space Worms in “Segments” of nine figures: 2 Worm Teams of four figures each (3 Grunts and 1 Heavy) and a Segment Leader (Khan of Worms).

A Worm Segment, including the Khan of Worms

I heartily recommend these figures to anyone looking for something quirky to put on the science fiction table.

  1. PatrickWR says:

    Space worms with lasers! I love ’em. Would they work for 28mm or are they just too dang small?

  2. beastmeister says:

    They are about the height of a man in 15mm, so 1/2 that size in 28mm.

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