About Me

My real life name is Jim Roots. The “Beastmeister” moniker comes from World of Warcraft; it was the name of my main character who was *surprise* a hunter 😀  After my real life friends who play WoW started calling me Beast, it seemed only fitting to continue the trend here.

I am a partner at HY Connect advertising and serve as head of strategy. I have an undergraduate degree in classical philology and a masters degree in history, both from the University of Illinois. My sons Will and Steve are both gamers as well. My wife Linda simply tolerates us 🙂

I got into gaming when I was eight years old; my dad purchased Avalon Hill’s Guadalcanal game for me and I was hooked. (My dad served in the army in the Pacific theater: Phillipines). I started painting in high school and never looked back. I’ve done work for Ambush Alley (content for Tomorrow’s War; Force on Force and was lead author for two supplements, Cold War Gone Hot and Classified: Special Operations Missions Since 1940).

I play and paint just about anything. If it’s listed below, I have figures and have played the game in the last year.

Current Miniatures Games/Game Systems Played

Ambush Alley                    Bolt Action

Starship Troopers             Battlefront: WW2

Check Your Six!                 Congo

All Things Zombie             Impetus

Firestorm Armada             Force on Force

Dropfleet Commander      Star Wars Armada

GW War of the Ring          Tomorrow’s War

Current Projects

Congo – terrain and warbands

Starship Troopers – upgrade of terrain using 3D printer and repainting/expanding collection

Hundred Years War – painting for 28mm skirmish rules I’m writing

Dropfleet Commander – assembling and painting a UCM fleet

Ancients – 28mm Republican Roman army


  1. jon walters says:

    Just wanted to ask how basing was going to work for CWC.
    Is a stand of Infantry going to be a platoon/company?
    Also looking to see if MG teams or Anti Armor teams (my infantry packs have MGs and Dragons in them) are to be based separately, or mixed into the infantry stands.
    If I recall we said 1 inch square for most units, and HQs would get 3/4″ round bases.

    Also, just primed my 15mm Israelis. Am going to start throwing paint at them in the next hour or so.

  2. beastmeister says:

    1 x 1 is what we are using for armor and infantry. I would mix in the MG and AT teams in with the infantry.

    HQs are 3/4 round.

    Use a stand as a platoon roughly.

  3. jon walters says:

    Tango sir. Working up Alpha Co right now.

  4. jonwalters says:

    Just curious about the Ambush Alley SOG memberships. Are those from the ‘enlistment date’, or do they just go from Jan1 to Dec31 (thats how it looks on the site.)

  5. Rett says:

    Hi Jim,

    Can you contact me directly about running a game of Ambush Alley over at the Plus.


  6. diego D says:

    Hello, I was reading your blog, is relly cool. Sorry for botter you but I need help with a question and you may be the person than can help me.
    Im from colombia and I play warhammer 40K and Warhammer fantasy battles. I say the “Mekanoid Dictator Superheavy Battlemech” and I want to buy one to use in my Warhammer 40K battles (as a tau titan). But I cannot realize the true size of the miniature. I say you have some pictures in your blog of this miniature, can you take a picture of the Mekanoid Dictator Superheavy Battlemech with a warhammer 40K miniature? if you can help me with that I will be eternally gratefull.

    My Email is rgveda23@yahoo.com

    see you.

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