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Just a quick note that this Friday we will be playing some playtest scenarios for an upcoming Ambush Alley supplement. The scenarios all feature vehicles in the mix, so it will give a chance for everyone to see the new vehicle rules in action. Our last playtest session resulted in some changes to the scenario and to a few of the game mechanics, so this is your chance to have an impact on the game’s development!

Also, I have been busy painting 1/300 F4-E Phantoms and Mig-19s for Vietnam and intend to run some Check Your Six Jet Age! scenarios in the near future, so we will also have a brief organizational meeting to find out who’s interested in playing/painting figures. As always, our Friday night games take place at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Game time is 7 PM.


We will be playtesting a few scenarios from the upcoming Ambush Alley 2nd edition book and providing feedback to the design team on new game mechanics. Ideally we will be testing two different scenarios, time permitting. The first will be set in Iraq 2003 and the second will be a scenario I wrote for the 1973 Arab Israeli Yom Kippur War. Game time as always is 7 PM. Location is at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL (see link at left for directions).

I also should mention that I got my copy of Check Your Six! Jet Age rules and I am quite excited about a little Mig Alley action in 1/300. I have a number of planes for both Vietnam and the Arab Israeli Wars and hope to have these painted up and ready to go in the next few weeks. I also purchased some SAM sites, AA sites and Suez Canal tiles from Fight’s On!, as well as air-to-air and surface-to-air missile markers.

Markers from Fight's On in action (photo from Fight's on website)

SAM site markers from Fight's On (photos from website)

Look for me to be running this game sometime in August.

Well, after six months of flying, it’s time to move on. After speaking with Ken at Unique Gifts and Games, the Friday night Check Your Six! campaign will end. Please note that we will continue to play the game on occasion, but it will no longer be a regularly scheduled event. Some of the players, myself included, want to play some of the scenarios in the books versus having a set campaign, so we will most likely do that.