Ambush Alley (15mm Resources)

Modern 15mm figures:  good and growing range of insurgents, terrorists, hostages and special forces for US, Russia, UK and Germany. Also civilians. definitive line of vehicles in 15mm for most of the world’s modern armies. This includes tanks, IFVs, APCs, softskins and helicopters. Also has a nice line of Taliban. Command Decision modern line includes US, Brits, Somalis and Middle East/Taliban. There are also Humvees and technicals.

Old Glory Humvee

Old Glory Toyota with Rebel Mini insurgent for size comparison. Now owned by Siege Works in Australia, they make excellent 15mm Vietnam, Somalis and Delta figures. They recently introduced Middle Eastern insurgents and Taliban figures. In the US, they are available from Scale Creep Miniatures.

Modern Buildings 15mm: excellent painted line of Gale Force 9 Middle Eastern buildings. large line of painted and unpainted 15mm Middle Eastern buildings, roads, rivers and palm trees. pre-painted Middle Eastern buildings, some serviceable WW2 era buildings. probably the best pre-painted 15mm buildings on the market, but currently out of production. Check out his site from time to time; once in awhile he goes back into production for a few weeks. most of the roads and palm tree stands you see on our boards are from this company. Excellent 15mm buildings suitable for Europe and SE Asia. Available painted or unpainted. Great line of Middle Eastern, Western European and Eastern European buildings. There are some modular kit pieces, too, to assist with construction of your own buildings. Very nice line of ruined buildings in 10/12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm. Buildings range from WW2 era to science fiction. Very cool destroyed hotels, apartment buildings and department stores. The only manufacturer I am aware of that offers modern Middle Eastern buildings in 15mm. Excellent resin casting, the buildings are quick to assemble and a joy to paint. Alan has also started doing MDF and foamcore buildings, which are excellent as well.

15mm Science Fiction (for Ambush Mars and other projects) 15mm science fiction vehicles in resin. Mr. Wombat designs everything “off-line” and has a knack for figuring out how to make several different vehicles out of the same basic building blocks. Recommended! New company in England that makes incredible “Halo-like” troops, plus walkers and grav-tanks. Their alien line is expanding quickly. The Khanates are a race of jackal/dog humanoids that remind me of Traveler Vargr. Quick service when I ordered from them, too; less than a week from across the pond. Without a doubt, THE most comprehensive line of science-ficti0n troops, vehicles and buildings in 15mm. Tons of choices in humans, ranging from multiple nationalities from their Full Thrust universe to Hammer’s Slammers to Fifth Element to District 9 analogs. They, too, are very quick service when ordering direct. Great line of analogs for Alien and Aliens, plus a growing line of pulp figures in 15mm. New line of 15mm science fiction troops. The first offerings are heavily armed and armored humans, but many more figures are on the way. Geoff also does a line of 15mm science fiction figures and vehicles. These guys make a line of beetle-like bugs with guns that are quite nice.

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