Lord of the Rings (25mm)

In addition to Games Workshop, the official license holder to LOTR figures, there are a number of other resources suitable for both the skirmish and army games.

www.games-workshop.com: Main site, selling figures, rules and some terrain. A note on terrain: most of what they sell is Warhammer stuff, full of skulls and late Medieval/Renaissance crap which makes it unusable without conversion.

www.thomarillion.de: Probably the nicest 25-28mm terrain I have ever purchased. The sculpting is exquisitely detailed and the tone is very Tolkein-esque. I have purchased many of the pillars and statues for Moria.

  1. Galhadrad says:

    I quite agree! Thormarillion create AMAZING pieces. I recently bought the 3 stone trolls (recently added to my blog). The detail and scale is spot on.

    You should post up some of your LOTR stuff – have you made a Moria diorama or gaming board??

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