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Since we just got back from Historicon and I have part 2 of my eye surgeries on Thursday, we will be “keeping it simple” for this upcoming Sunday. I’ve had a hankering to play Check Your Six Jet Age for a few weeks now, so we will return to the skies of Vietnam for some Phantom v. MiG action. I picked up some new stand mounts at Historicon that allow you to show banking and climb/dives on the Check Your Six stands, as well as some cool new markers to show special maneuvers. Game time as always is 1 PM at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Hope to see you there.


I’m getting ready for this Friday night’s Check Your Six! Jet Age game at Unique Gifts and Games. First up are four 1/300 scale Phantom II’s painted for Vietnam.


Four Phantom IIs for Vietnam



Close up of a Phantom II


I got a little silvering on the wing decals. They are from an “off-brand” because I didn’t have any Dom’s Decals for the Americans handy. I plan to go back and edge the decals with the original paint colors to reduce the effect. Next time: Dom’s Decals!

Next up are four Mig 19s for Vietnam:


Mig 19s for Vietnam



Close up of one of the Migs


The Vietnamese decals are from Dom and the difference is noticeable. Thanks, Dom, for putting out a great set of products.

We will be playing a scenario straight from the Check Your Six! Jet Age rulebook involving four Phantoms jumping a solitary, low-flying  Mig 19, and in turn being jumped from above by three Mig 19s. Game time as always is 7 PM sharp at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL.

Finally, I have continued my descent into the madness of 15mm (1/100) scale science fiction figures for Tomorrow’s War. I will have more photos later of my projects, but I wanted to share a few photos of a test figure for my 15mm Felid (think human-sized intelligent tigers) forces from Khurasan Miniatures.


Can't tell if he's angry or hungry...or both!



His left side is his best side...or so he instructed me while taking photos.



Yes, definitely his right side...pretty kitty!


Closer to actual size.

Again, these are 15mm figures and they have an impressive level of detail. I wanted a simple paint scheme to set against the tiger fur, so I went with a ochre-brown color. The first coat on the base was still drying when I took these photos. I plan to give it a quick drybrush and add some static grass.

Last night’s game was a playtest of a scenario for one of the upcoming Ambush Alley supplements set in Umm Qasr. As I constantly remind myself, we playtest scenarios for a reason and last night was no exception. The US Marine force butchered the jihadists within three turns of the start. Some of the cake walk was some misinterpretation of the scenario start conditions, but some of it was devastating USMC firepower concentrated on a handful of buildings. I’m not at liberty to go into the specifics of the scenario as it will ultimately be published by AAG, but I did get plenty of notes on what went well and what went poorly. We plan to playtest the very same scenario again today.

As for getting Check Your Six! Jet Age off the ground (pun intended), it looks like we will be doing 1/300 Vietnam as our first project. For those of you frequenting Ken’s hobby shop, Ros Heroics makes jets (same company that makes the 1/300 WW2 planes that Ken carries). If you’re looking to paint stuff up for play, here are some of the more common aircraft that we will need.

United States

F100 Super Sabres, F105 Thunderchiefs, F4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks, A7 Corsairs, F8 Crusaders

North Vietnam

MiG 17s, MiG 19s, and MiG 21s

I think rather than running a campaign, we will play some of the scenarios from the book until we get the hang of things. I am shooting for Labor Day weekend as the first game, so you have plenty of time to order stuff from Ken and slap some paint on things.

Just a quick note that this Friday we will be playing some playtest scenarios for an upcoming Ambush Alley supplement. The scenarios all feature vehicles in the mix, so it will give a chance for everyone to see the new vehicle rules in action. Our last playtest session resulted in some changes to the scenario and to a few of the game mechanics, so this is your chance to have an impact on the game’s development!

Also, I have been busy painting 1/300 F4-E Phantoms and Mig-19s for Vietnam and intend to run some Check Your Six Jet Age! scenarios in the near future, so we will also have a brief organizational meeting to find out who’s interested in playing/painting figures. As always, our Friday night games take place at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. Game time is 7 PM.

Well, after six months of flying, it’s time to move on. After speaking with Ken at Unique Gifts and Games, the Friday night Check Your Six! campaign will end. Please note that we will continue to play the game on occasion, but it will no longer be a regularly scheduled event. Some of the players, myself included, want to play some of the scenarios in the books versus having a set campaign, so we will most likely do that.

It may be Black Friday for retailers, but it’s a fine night for flying WWII aircraft. Now that I am no longer stuck painting only Lord of the Rings miniatures (that convention game is done-phew!), I hope to get a few new aircraft ready to go for Friday night. As always, wheels up at 7:15 PM. I picked up some War at Sea miniatures from Axis & Allies, so we may feature a bombing run on some naval targets. Hope to see you there!

The Check Your Six! campaign continues this Friday night at UGG in Grayslake, IL. Wheels up at 7:15 PM. We’d like to see all pilots turn out this Friday night so we can push for two separate games.

Meanwhile, Rohan continues to take shape. I have finished my stables and started work on two more houses. Eric is painting my Uruk-Hai pikemen for me, and I have started the brushwork on my mounted Riders of Rohan. After the houses are finished, I am going to scratch-build a watchtower, similar to the model found in the War of the Ring rulebook. I have also purchased about 12 Uruk’s carrying torches (from the Siege box set) for my scenario. That just leaves the Dunlendings, townfolk and Rohan foot to finish by November. Whew!