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Yea! I am out of the sling and on the way to full motion with the left arm. I can type normally now and will be getting back to all the stuff that has been piling up over the last three weeks.

From an Ambush Alley Games perspective, I’m working on several scenarios for the upcoming Force on Force Special Ops book. I’m also writing an article/After Action Report based on of the scenarios from Cold War Gone Hot for Miniature Wargaming magazine.

From a personal perspective, I’ve dusted off my Viking rules to start polishing again after the last playtesting. I’m also helping Skip Peterson put pen to paper on his Legends in the Skies WW2 dogfight game. Painting is still a few weeks off since any rotation of the left forearm is still very painful.

First official post of 2012 (the WordPress generated summary of 2011 doesn’t count) is about my painting backlog of projects. I’ve decided that my one New Year’s resolution for 2012 that is hobby related will be to reduce the number of unpainted figures that I own. This will be a tough job as I don’t intend to stop buying new stuff, but it does mean that I will need to start selling off or otherwise getting rid of my considerable collection of unpainted figures that languish in my workshop.

I didn’t do too badly on my last five projects list for 2011. I got about 1/2 the Vietnam 15mm figures that I had primered done. I finished off the Space Worms. I got a good chunk of Picoarmor stuff done. I totally blew it on the Martian Racing skiffs, however. Not a one of them even prepped for priming. Sigh.

After discussions with my son Will, we’ve decided to pare down the 28mm zombie stuff that we own. Why? Well, it takes up way too much space in our workshop/crawlspace storage. The buildings we have are mostly ‘O’ scale railroad buildings and they are huge in terms of footprint. We’ll keep the basics for smaller layouts, but the big city layout has to go. Also on the chopping block is my vast collection of unpainted Clan Wars figures. I bought heavily when it first came out, but I have yet to play a single game, and the number of painted figures still numbers less than 100. I am far more interested in 28mm historical Samurai anyway, so this stuff will be up for sale soon. Finally, I will be getting rid of the Wild West miniatures I started collecting, including the Old Glory buildings that I purchased.

In terms of painting priorities, I intend to focus on the following five areas for the 1st quarter:

1) 15mm Vietnam: I want to finish off the rest of the primered miniatures, get a few more buildings done, and add some helicopters and other vehicles.

2) 15mm Tomorrow’s War: As AAG will continue to support this game, it would be remiss of me not to support something in which I’m involved. Next up are some CMG heavy grav tanks, some GZG OUDF that my son Will painted (I need to finish the basing), and some GZG New Israeli troops. I also want to throw an alien race or two into the mix, including expanding my Felid forces from Khurasan.

3) 15mm World War 2: I want to continue building my Battlefront: WW2 units, especially for the Eastern front. I also intend to start painting and basing individual figures in 15mm for Force on Force games.

4) 3mm Picoarmor: I am continuing to write my homegrown mass combat rules and intend to use them with Picoarmor stuff for playtesting. I am focusing on two areas. First, Cold War stuff for 1980s. Second, WW2 Western Desert.

5) 28mm Miscellaneous: I am currently working on more 28mm Vikings, Saxons and Normans for Dark Age skirmish games (including my own home grown rules). I also promised Will that I would paint up some Warmachine stuff to fight his growing Khador/Menoth armies. I have pretty sizable Cygnar and Menoth forces myself, but I have started to collect and paint an Orboros army with an autumn theme to it.

If I stick to my guns, I should be able to increase the size of my painted collection, decrease the total number of miniatures I own, and clear up some space in the basement workshop. If. We’ll see how I do in 2012 🙂

I picked up a few packs of the O8 Space Worms from Pico Armor at Legends two weeks ago and promised John that I would paint them up before Christmas, so he could post a few photos on his website. The O8 Space Worms are a fun group of sculpts, more pulp in flavor than most of the 15mm releases these days, with a lot of character.

Oddzial's Space Worms (crawling soon from a hole near you)

The castings were pretty clean, with the exception of a few minor mold lines that had to be filed. The alloy used is a little harder than most, so make sure your files are up to it. That being said, I cleaned up all 18 in about 20 minutes. The detail is very crisp and lends itself well to stain painting or drybrushing.

A closer view of the Space Worms

I wanted a fairly clean look for the painted models, so I basecoated them with a thinned down coat of Vallejo Beige, then washed them with Vallejo Fleshtone Wash. I coated the red and metal areas with a layer of Vallejo Maroon, followed by Vallejo Flat Red, Bronze and Gunmetal Gray. Basing was done with Vallejo Dark Brown basing medium (my newest love), static grass and a few clumps of vegetation and rocks. As for the variety of poses, here are a few pictures.

From left to right, Leader, Grunt 1, Grunt 2, Grunt 3, Heavy 1 and Heavy 2 poses (my names, not O8's)

The Leader (or as I say, the Khan of Worms)

The Grunts (who give a whole new meaning to Bore Sighting)

Heavy 1 (bait and sinker?)

Heavy 2 ("try carrying this around with no arms")

As you can see, Space Worms paint up quite well and can add a fun element to any science fiction battlefield. My own thoughts on a background are as follows. I see them as biological weapons of another race, controlled through the helmet and used in a subterranean envelopment role (“Death from Below”), so definitely tunnelers. I organized my Space Worms in “Segments” of nine figures: 2 Worm Teams of four figures each (3 Grunts and 1 Heavy) and a Segment Leader (Khan of Worms).

A Worm Segment, including the Khan of Worms

I heartily recommend these figures to anyone looking for something quirky to put on the science fiction table.

I mentioned that I’m working on a mass combat game. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I started to paint up some of the packs of Pico Armor/O8 miniatures that I purchased at Legends. Showing signs of my growing insanity, you can see how I overdid it on these SdKfz 222 German scout cars for the Western Desert:

German SdKfz 222's in 3mm

Yes, that is a aircraft recognition flag on the back of the one scout car. The dust plumes are simply from cotton fiber soaked in watered down Vallejo beige paint, allowed to dry and then glued to the base. The sand is Vallejo desert basing paste.

My index finger as a size comparison 🙂

Another view

This stand was the result of about 30 minutes of experimentation. I then started mass production and have about 25 more stands nearly finished. More to come!

Another busy weekend, but I found time to paint up some excellent vehicles from Scotty at Combat Wombat. I purchased these at Fall Recruits this year with my Neo-Soviet VDV force in mind. First up is the fantastic assault gun model with one of the new drilled metal barrels Scotty is offering:

Fire support for the troops, Neo-Soviet style!

Ssssh---we're hunting Silers! Heheheheheheh.

Alternate angle shot of this beast.

Next up are three IFVs, Combat Wombat style:

Command vehicle for the IFVs.

Alternate view.

The full platoon transport.

VDV troopers dismounted from their rides.

Closer shot of the VDV troops and their mounts.

A few comments on the photos. The “brighter” photos were taken with my new iPhone 4S camera which is absolutely amazing in terms of quality, even with macro photos. The “darker” ones were my usual Canon PowerShot Digital Elph. I may just stick with my iPhone!

As for painting, I airbrushed all the vehicles with Vallejo Flat Tan, then German Black-Gray stripes, followed by German Camo-Brown within the Black-Gray stripes. I then washed the vehicles with Vallejo Black Wash, then washed the treads and wheels with Vallejo Sepia wash mixed with some Vallejo rust pigment. I finished with a light drybrush of Khaki Grey, followed by the same mixed with Ivory. I am quite pleased with the results and can’t wait to put the entire force on the table at the upcoming Legends in the Fall convention next weekend.

I had decided awhile ago that I was going to do 15mm Vietnam, even before Shawn Carpenter told me that we’d be redoing Ambush Valley. I was intrigued by the Flashpoint releases, promising a full range of figures including civilians, free world forces and special forces. Then Battlefront released their own 15mm models based around the Ia Drang Valley in 1965, offering more options and vehicles. I purchased a lot of figures from both lines and they sat on my workbench for months. With the release of the new Ambush Valley, I’ve been inspired to pick up the paint brush and get to work, if for no other reason than to pay homage to the excellent work done by Piers and Joe in putting the book together.

My first project is getting Viet Cong painted. I want to run games involving smaller forces on “sweep and clear” type missions, so my NVA will have to wait for awhile. Since Battlefront has yet to release VC figures, my only option was Flashpoint, but the company offers Local and Main Force Viet Cong, as well as support weapons and civilians.

First efforts at painting Flashpoint VC

The models are on .75 inch bases (penny-sized) which I built up with Vallejo Dark Earth paste. The grass and flower tufts are from three different sets of Army Painter base tufts, including the new flower set. I wanted the VC to look like they were in the middle of cover, not standing on a golf course. For uniforms, I wanted a mix of the classic “black pajama” look with some mix of Main Force uniforms. The black uniforms are a thinned down Vallejo German Gray, highlighted with the same color mixed with Vallejo Ivory. The straw hats are Vallejo Beige, then washed with Vallejo Sepia Wash. Flesh is Vallejo Sunny Skintone washed with Flesh Wash. The Flashpoint figures have deep detail which lends itself to washes and stains.

A closer look

Some of the more "Main Force" uniforms

I also tacked a few civilian figures to mix into my village and rice paddy settings.

A close up of a Vietnamese civilian.

Another civilian model.

I’m quite pleased with how these are turning out. The figures have “personality,” allow for quick painting and fit the look I am trying to achieve. My only real complaint about the models is the percentage that have miscasts, forcing quite a bit of file and knife work to fix. Still, I recommend Flashpoint’s models, especially their civilians. Next time, I’ll show what I’m doing with some of the village buildings.

First up, one of my subscribers asked for a photo of the Khurasan Dictator model next to a GW 40K figure. I think he plans to use this 15mm beauty as a smaller 28mm vehicle. Here you go:

Khurasan 15mm Dictator with 28mm Space Marines

Next up are a few shots of my Neo-Soviet VDV troops for Tomorrow’s War that I finished tonight. The photos are with my iPad; I’ll try to set up my good camera next week and take some better shots. I modeled the uniform after the present day Russian VDV summer camo pattern. As I mentioned in my last post, I elected to paint the beret in the distinctively non-camo aqua color of the Russian VDV.

Neo Soviet VDV based on Micropanzer SAS models

A little closer view of "my boys"

I will be painting up some APCs and armor to support these guys over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, here are a few shots of the Aliens vs. Aliens game we ran two weeks ago during our Ambush Sunday event. Mark Gipson posted up a good summary of the game on his blog already.

A view of the layout. I've added some new Old Crow and Critical Mass buildings recently.

The new buildings are a combination of Old Crow and Critical Mass Games structures. The new roads are from Hotz Arts and boy are they nice!

Another shot showing some of the Crustie positions.

Looking toward the attacker's side of the board.