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My son Will has been working on a portable set up for post-apocalyptic miniatures in 15mm. It needs to be portable and pack up easily into a small space (he is heading off to college this weekend), so he chose to build everything on 6 inch by 6 inch tiles or multiples thereof. His game uses Tomorrow’s War as its core rules as he is viewing more organized conflict after the holocaust than some settings. He liked some of the Fallout style and artwork…below are some of his results. Everyone who has seen the buildings and layout in person are blown away. I’m still having a proud dad moment 🙂

Will’s background assumes a catastrophe in 1964 shortly after the election of Barry Goldwater as president. Barry’s promise of using tactical nukes in Vietnam escalated into a nuclear exchange with China, bringing about a post-nuclear apocalypse. It’s now 100 or so years later. Will wanted to set his game in a time period that allowed for the use of Vietnam era vehicles and equipment for some of the combatants, but still make use of the huge number of 50s era HO scale kits.

I love his sidewalks…the broken windows…the dingy coloration of the buildings and streets. What’s nice about the layout is that it could be used for zombie games or even Cold War urban street combat. He has plans to continue expanding the board and the figure ranges, so more to come (assuming studies and girls at Indiana University don’t get to him first).