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OK, I promised myself I would not like this game. My objections were that it was a) another collectible game; b) it was another World of Warcraft thing to suck the money from my wallet; and c) I wasn’t all that impressed by the initial sample prepainted miniatures. Also, I am not that enamored of the card game, and this new offering is from the same people.

All that changed when I attended a tournament at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake, IL. People were having a blast and I picked up the game mechanics through osmosis. For those who play the online game, this miniatures game plays like arena. You essentially are trying to assemble the best team and optimizing how the characters’ abilities synergize with one another. The initiative system is innovative; powerful actions take longer and delay subsequent actions.

Three hours later and I was the owner of the deluxe Starter Set, several boosters, and happier than a clam. The game is much better than the card game and play balance appears to be maintained across any number of combinations of characters. I heartily recommend this game to fans of the online game or people who like “optimizing” games.