Games Day in Peotone, IL

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Events, Miniature Games
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I had the privilege of attending the recent games day at the Dragon’s Refuge in Peotone, IL. This hobby shop sponsors a day long event every other month that includes miniatures, card games, a silent auction and a raffle. My friend Rich ran a Sword and the Flame variant set in the Belgian Congo involving a rescue column trying to link up with Belgian Askari at a native fort, then push on to rescue an archaeological team that had run afoul of the natives.

My column, replete with ammunition bearers, is ambushed by the natives.

The game was fun, although the Belgians did not fare well against the pesky native ambushes. The terrain was quite impressive, including a scratch-built earth/log jungle fort.

The Askari sally forth from the fort, only to find death in the jungle.

All-in-all, everyone had a good time.


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